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4 Key Benefits Of An EPOS System For Your Business

4 Key Benefits of an EPOS system for your business

If you’ve bought something from a shop in the last 20 years, then chances are you’ve come into contact with an ePos System. They’re now commonplace in businesses all over the world, from Tipperary to Timbuktu.

EPOS systems are becoming more simple and more dynamic.

They aren’t the unaffordable luxuries they used to be,

So, what’s stopping you?

1.Reduce Human Error

An EPOS system minimises the risk of human error. You can log products and easily navigate to them via category folders. And you can apply specific product discounts and bundle promotions centrally using your EPOS system’s back office software. Which means you can apply consistent pricing across multiple payment terminal, for all your staff.

2.Improve Customer Experience

In the age of internet shopping, customers are becoming increasingly disloyal. They don’t like arriving in-store to find the item they were viewing online is out of stock, and they don’t like having to wait in line. An EPOS system helps to relieve these common pain points for businesses.

The right system integrates with your ecommerce platform to provide a consistent omnichannel shopping experience. So, when you sell something in-store, your stock level immediately updates online.

3.Manage Resources

An EPOS system will help you to maximise profit and efficiency by providing easy-to-digest reports on everything from sales to stock levels.

Effective inventory management is the foundation of good business.

Back office functions allow you to automate the system to immediately order more of a certain product once stock levels drop below a certain threshold.

Detailed analytics allow you to identify which products are selling well, and let you look at metrics such as footfall to better allocate resources. So rather than have a full complement of staff on shift all day Saturday, just bring in a couple of extra pairs of hands from 6pm until close.

Gone are the days when business-critical decisions were taken by ageing men sat around a boardroom table, stroking their beards and listening to their guts. Reporting empowers a new generation of business owners to make informed decisions grounded in data.

4.Market Your Business More Effectively

An EPOS system allows you to capture customer details at the point of sale and build a valuable database of email addresses and phone numbers. This information can then be fed into your marketing platform and used to provide notification of upcoming offers and events. Built-in loyalty schemes also let you reward those precious returning customers.

With an EPOS system you can tailor your marketing strategy to only target customers with information relevant to what they’ve purchased.

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