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Effortless Inventory:
Transforming Bookselling at Midland Books

Positive Retail partnered with Nielsen BookData to create an integration that provides retailers with seamless access to bibliographic metadata, for effortless inventory management. 

Retailers can easily incorporate over 50 million titles, detailed descriptions, ISBNs, images, and pricing into their POS and sales channels with just a few clicks using the user-friendly interface.

Founded in 1989, Midland Books is a family-owned independent bookshop nestled in the heart of Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Known for it’s wide selection of books, welcoming atmosphere and exceptional customer service, Midland Books aimed to improve it’s operational efficiency and optimise it’s inventory management. 

”This is exactly what we were looking for… It is just incredible the amount of time we’ve saved”

– John Ryan, Managing Director Midland Books

Positive Retail & Nielsen BookData Intervention

Midland Books sought a solution to streamline their in-store processes and efficiently manage their extensive inventory. 

Managing Director of Midland Books, John Ryan, noticed numerous issues with their previous systems, which burdened the team with extensive manual labour.

This consumed valuable time and distracted from their ability to provide the exceptional customer service they always strive to deliver. 

Solution Provided

Positive Retail successfully implemented Retail Management Hero (RMH) POS at Midland Books alongside Book Sync PR, a seamless integrated solution for RMH and Nielsen BookData users. 

Book Sync PR seamlessly integrates Nielsen BookData with Retail Management Hero POS, enabling retailers to add millions of titles, detailed descriptions, ISBNs, keywords and reviews to the POS with just a few clicks. This specialised integration by Positive Retail streamlines data importing for retailers, saving valuable time and ensuring records are accurate and up to date. 

Book Sync PR Features

-Import book data directly from Nielsen BookData to RMH Store or Central 

– Versatile search filters- title, ISPN, keyword, publisher, contributor, status, format, readership 

 Mass import of books using ISBN lists 

-Download book covers images to RMH

– Manage, maintain and update data of imported books 

-Utilise data for eCommerce. Populate eCommerce site with valuable book data to improve SEO and SERP ranking. *eCommerce integration required* 

Benefits and Results: Effortless Inventory Achieved

By installing RMH and Book Sync PR, Midland Books now benefits from streamlined checkout processes, effortless inventory management, and overall daily operations are significantly more efficient.

Their new streamlined processes in-store allows for much less manual labour and enables the staff to spend more time with customers.  

Effortless Inventory at Midland Books

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a no brainer to work with Positive Retail. I think they have fantastic customer service and are very dedicated to the book industry

– John Ryan, Managing Director Midland Books. 

By adopting RMH and Book Sync PR, Midland Books is now better equipped to manage their inventory, save time on manual labour, and get back to delivering the exceptional customer service that they always strive to provide.

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