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Digital Receipts are coming to stay! 

As part of Frances’s landmark 2020 anti-waste law, printing non-essential receipts was banned from September 2023. Other European governments, including Ireland, are looking to action similar initiatives to encourage digital receipts and reduce unnecessary waste. 

Positive Retail has partnered with Green Till to offer an innovative solution for digital receipts. 

Green Till is a retail-tech company, providing merchants with a digital receipt and customer engagement solutions. They help retailers deliver electronic receipts, loyalty, and customer engagement, all in one seamless platform. 

Green Till is transforming retail receipts into a powerful marketing and promotional tool. 

The Impact of Digital Receipts on your Business

In a world where environmental consciousness is gaining momentum, businesses are increasingly seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional practices.

Green Till is at the forefront of this momentum, helping businesses reduce their paper waste, enhancing customer experience, and boost marketing efforts. 

At it’s core, Green Till is about saving paper and reducing waste. By enabling businesses to issue digital receipts to customers, they help avoid the unnecessary printing of paper receipts. The positive environmental impact of this simple shift cannot be understated.

However, Green Till’s value proposition goes beyond just saving paper.

  1. Streamlined Marketing and Promotion

With digital receipts, businesses gain access to valuable data insights on customer buying behaviour. This data can be harnessed to create personalized marketing campaigns, offering tailored promotions to individual customers. By understanding their preferences, businesses can effectively reach more customers and boost sales.

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience

Digital receipts offer customers a convenient and clutter-free way of keeping track of their purchases. Customers can access their digital receipts easily on their smartphones or computers, simplifying the process of returns, exchanges, or warranty claims. This level of convenience contributes to overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Increased Cost Savings

One of the most immediate benefits of adopting digital receipts is the cost savings associated with reducing paper usage. Large retailers print thousands of receipts every day, incurring significant expenses on paper rolls and ink. By making the transition, businesses can save money on paper costs and reduce their environmental footprint simultaneously.

Embracing digital receipts is a transformative step for businesses aiming to embrace sustainability, elevate customer satisfaction, and optimize their marketing efforts.

Green Till presents an innovative solution that empowers retailers to diminish paper waste, cut expenses, and remain at the forefront of evolving in the digital landscape.

By understanding and addressing retailers’ concerns, the transition can pave the way for greener, more efficient, customer-focused future.

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