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Retail Management Hero [RMH] - QuickBooks Accounting Integration

Using a point-of-sale (POS) system integrated with your QuickBooks accounting system like (Retail Management Hero) [RMH]’s will help track your retail store finances easily.

You’ll save time and resources otherwise spent on entering the same information, such as daily sales figures, in two different systems integrates. QuickBooks is an accounting system that allows you to manage your new sales, expenses, and daily transactions. It can generate reports, invoice customer, pay bills, file VAT, and more.

Positive Systems Solutions QuickBooks
Positive Systems Solutions QuickBooks

Save Time

QuickBooks Retail Management integration will allow you to seamlessly transfer new sales data from the POS to your QuickBooks accounts. It’ll help in eliminating the time-consuming process of manually entering your day-to-day sales data or creating invoices. You can use the saved time and resources to serve your customers better.

Supported Transactions

The QuickBooks Integrator works hand in hand with Retail Management Hero [RMH] to provide a seamless integration into QuickBooks using a visual tool that allows your bookkeeper to see journals and transactions before committing them to QuickBooks.

The following transactions are supported:

The QuickBooks Integrator

Time Saving

The QuickBooks Integrator will take hours off of your work day. It prepares your daily journal entries, posts accounts payable and credit memos to vendors and keeps track of the value of your inventory, all from one easy to use application.

Set Up

You don’t need to know accounting to use the QuickBooks Integrator. Let us help you set it up with direction from your accountant.

View Transaction

The QuickBooks Integrator allows you to view your transactions before committing them to accounting. It’s easy to see what is happening daily from a single application. Any journal can be viewed before posting.


When you have questions ? We understand accounting and can help you and your accountant achieve the results you are looking for.

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Positive Systems Solutions QuickBooks

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