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MMS Modern Mobile Suite

MMS Modern Mobile Suite

We’re taking inventory control for RMH into the future. Mobile Inventory Count (Stock Take), Purchase Orders with Predictive Ordering Guidance, Label Printing, Inter-store Transfers, Item Lookup, and Item Edit modules are live in the latest release, with additional functional modules to follow.

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Mobile Suite

All The Features You Need

We’ve built the best of what you’re looking for in an inventory count experience and have some fantastic new features:

RMH Central Compatible

Seamlessly create POs and Transfers for your multi-store environment.

Price Checker

Scan item barcode to perform a price check.

Item Manager

Easily edit an extensive set of Item Properties.

Rapid Sync

Real-time two-way synchronization to RMH database.

Quick Fill Serial

Rapid workflow with quick entry and management of serialized items.

Suggested Buy Levels

Ordering guidance for POs based on historical and current sales trajectories Intelligent Item Details – KPIs allow for quick access to individual item performance data.

Job Queue

Our threaded job queue processes the data submitted as you navigate between modules – great for performing large counts, printing high label volumes, and accomplishing enterprise-level inventory movement tasks.

Delta Count

Allows you to count inventory while the store is open and reconciles all sales and inventory movement deltas that occurred when the count was in progress.

Now Available For Retail Management Hero (RMH)

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