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The Power of Shopping Local: A Vital Boost for Communities!

The essence of nurturing vibrant communities has always been rooted in the practice of shopping local. Positive Retail is passionate about all things local, Irish business. As an independent SME, we pride ourselves on helping Irish retailers succeed through THE BEST retail technology and solutions.  

Local businesses are the lifeblood of our neighbourhoods, not only fuel employment opportunities but also provide a platform for local producers to flourish.

The far-reaching impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has cast a shadow over countless retailers, particularly our cherished locally-owned establishments that now stand on precarious ground.

Yet, amidst these challenges lies an empowering truth: as consumers, we wield the power to enact change. By taking action and rallying around our local stores, we can pave the way for their survival and growth, harnessing this potential right from the depths of our pockets.

When you, as a consumer, lend your support to a local business, the ripples of positivity extend throughout your entire community. Here are some compelling reasons that underscore the significance of shopping local:

1. Fuelling the Local Economy through Shopping Local

Small, local enterprises stand as the cornerstone of Ireland’s economy, employing a significant majority of its workforce. A study released in April 2020 by the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME) revealed that SMEs account for a substantial two-thirds of the nation’s employment landscape.

Your local spending sets off a remarkable domino effect, creating a cycle of prosperity. These businesses, often staffed by members of the community, source goods and services within the vicinity. This full-circle process ensures that funds return to the very neighbourhood they originated from, benefitting various sectors, from accountants to hairdressers and eateries.

In essence, local businesses are nurtured by individuals who call the community home, making it more likely for them to reinvest in the local economy.

2. Environmental Benefits of Shopping Local

Opting for locally-sourced products from businesses that prioritise local suppliers significantly reduces your carbon footprint. While larger retail chains and online platforms have their merits, frequenting nearby establishments aligns with a more environmentally-conscious stance.

Farmers’ markets and food fairs seamlessly connect you with top-quality produce from local growers, eliminating the need for extensive transportation via planes, ships, or heavy vehicles. This sustainable approach curtails fuel consumption and keeps “food miles” to a minimum.

When selecting ingredients for your culinary endeavours, consider their origin and packaging. Could you choose Irish-grown produce over imports? These seemingly small decisions collectively contribute to the well-being of the local economy.

3.Unveiling the Unique

Local boutiques, jewellery stores, and family-run restaurants infuse our towns with character, crafting a distinctive identity that attracts visitors from neighbouring communities. These enterprises not only enrich the local culture but also offer products that are genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Whether hunting for a special gift or treating yourself, these establishments present a treasure trove of rare finds that cannot be stumbled upon elsewhere. The collective presence of these local gems renders your town an unparalleled haven in the global tapestry.

4. Personalised Connection through Shopping Local

The local shop, the corner store, or the neighbourhood Post Office – these places harbour a sense of community and cherished social bonds. Engaging with familiar faces, both staff and fellow patrons, infuses a sense of belonging often absent in larger chain outlets. The owners of small businesses go above and beyond to source your desired products, offering a personalized touch that nurtures customer relationships.

5.Nurturing Wellness

Indulging in locally-sourced produce translates to health benefits for you and your loved ones. Ireland’s temperate climate and abundant grazing opportunities yield fruits, vegetables, and livestock reared in ideal conditions. When you opt for products from local farmers, you’re savouring the bounty of your region’s harvest.

Additionally, consuming raw local honey is believed to combat allergies, further showcasing the potential health dividends of choosing local.


In summary, local businesses are the bedrock of Irish communities, and now, more than ever, their survival deserves our unwavering support. Shopping local not only invigorates local economies but also champions an eco-friendly approach.