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Success at Joe's Garden Centre

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Located in the heart of Tipperary town, Joe’s Garden Centre is a family owned garden centre, established in 1997.

The long-standing local business was facing operational challenges due to the outdated system they had in place in-store.

Owners, Joe and Patricia Buckley, found that due to their reliance on their outdated system, it was hindering efficiency with stock reordering and overall store management.

Their goal for 2024 was to under-go a complete digital transformation.

“We’re blown away by the level of service and the delivery of the product! ” – Joe Buckley

Positive Retail Intervention

Joe’s Garden Centre sought a solution to modernize their operations, streamline in-store processes, and enhance overall efficiency.

They made the decision to purchase Lightspeed Launch Services from Positive Retail, our innovative EPOS software.

With a great understanding of Joe’s needs, Positive Retail implemented Lightspeed to overhaul the business’ operational framework.

Solution Provided

The implementation of Lightspeed revolutionized the business’ operations by offering a user-friendly interface for staff and management. Lightspeed enabled real-time stock tracking, automating re-ordering processes, ensuring optimal inventory levels to meet customer demand.

Daily operations at Joe’s Garden Centre became significantly more efficient with Lightspeed. Tasks such as sales processing, inventory management and customer engagement were seamlessly integrated, reducing time and resources expended.

Joe and Patricia opted for a full omnichannel integrated solution, including full integration with their Shopify ecommerce site, and Lightspeed payment integration.

Implementation Process

The implementation process was smooth and hassle-free. Positive Retail’s experts worked closely with Joe and his team to ensure a seamless integration of Lightspeed, and the integration of Lightspeed with their Shopify ecommerce site. 

Benefits and Results

Thanks to Positive Retails’ implementation of Lightspeed, Joe’s Garden Centre experienced a notable improvement in operational efficiency following the integration of Lightspeed.

With Lightspeed’s advanced stock management capabilities, Joe effectively mitigated stock shortages and minimized overstock situations. The streamlined operations facilitated by Lightspeed created an enhanced customer experience. Faster check-out processes, accurate stock availability, and personalized service have contributed to increased customer satisfaction at Joe’s.

Through the collaborative efforts of Positive Retail and Joe’s Garden Centre, the implementation of Lightspeed software brought about a transformative change for the business’ operations.

By modernizing their systems and processes, Joe’s Garden Centre is now better equipped to meet the demands of a competitive retail landscape, while delivering exceptional service to its customers.


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